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Bladder Botox
About 33 million Americans have an overactive bladder, which frequently causes frustrating and embarrassing urinary incontinence. At Valley Urogynecology Associates, the experienced urogynecology specialists understand the difficulties of an overactive bladder. They offer innovative treatments like bladder Botox® at the Phoenix, Arizona, office so you can reclaim bladder control. Call the office or book your appointment online now.

What is bladder Botox?

Botox is an injectable neurotoxin that disrupts nerve signals and prevents muscle contractions.  The medication is well known for its cosmetic use as a wrinkle smoother, but it’s just as effective as a treatment for overactive bladder. 

Botox can slow nerve overactivity in your bladder, leading to bladder relaxation and reduced overactive bladder symptoms. 

Am I a good candidate for bladder Botox?

Suppose you have overactive bladder symptoms, like urinary urgency, frequent urination, and urinary leakage, but your symptoms don’t improve with prescription medication. In that case, you could be a good candidate for bladder Botox.  

You could also be a good bladder Botox candidate if you can’t take prescription medication due to medication interactions or health conditions. 

Valley Urogynecology Associates offers a wide range of conservative and surgical options for overactive bladder, which means there’s always a solution even if bladder Botox won’t work for your situation.

How does the bladder Botox treatment process work?

Bladder Botox is an in-office treatment at Valley Urogynecology Associates. You’ll receive a bladder-numbing medication (lidocaine) to keep you comfortable during the treatment.  

The bladder Botox treatment process involves placing a thin instrument (cystoscope) into your urethra (the tube that carries urine out of your body). Through the cystoscope, you’ll receive Botox injections in your bladder. 

It takes a total of about 20 minutes to prepare for the procedure and 10 minutes for the treatment. After, you’ll rest for about 30 minutes in the office before returning home. 

When will bladder Botox start working?

Bladder Botox can start working in as little as a couple of days, but it could take longer. During clinical trials, patients had about half as many episodes of urine leakage within as little as two weeks and saw the full results of the treatment in 12 weeks.

How long does bladder Botox last?

On average, most people get around six months of symptom relief after bladder Botox treatment. You can schedule follow-up treatments twice a year to maintain your relief from overactive bladder. 

If you have uncomfortable and embarrassing overactive bladder symptoms, bladder Botox could be the solution you’re looking for. To learn more, call Valley Urogynecology Associates or click on the provided scheduling tool now.